My new book, Shadow Island, is now out!

You can order a hard copy here (and I will personally sign it to you):

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Let me tell you about the book:

At some point in 8th Grade at Grandville Middle School, there was a special guest author who came to visit my Language Arts class. He was telling us about his books, and at some point during the time he was talking, a random thought popped into my head: A book idea of my own.

The raw idea was about an island in Lake Michigan near Chicago that had never been found before. I enhanced the idea a bit, of course, and eventually Shadow Island was born.

The story involves three boys and a girl. The boys ages are 16, 14, and 14, and the girl is 10. The oldest boy drives their boat into the lake from Chicago's harbor on a summer day, thinking that nothing bad could happen, until a vicious storm shows up. They all get knocked out in the process, and they end up on this mysterious island.

They find a large, frightening castle and run into a big shadow, which can speak to them, and ends up kidnapping the girl. The boys feel they have no choice but to return to Chicago and try to figure out how to get her back. The plan they ultimately settle on leads to a series of events that no one in Chicago will ever forget.

I began writing in June 2014.

While writing this book, my skills as a writer improved greatly. My first two shorter published stories looked like they were, well, written by a 10-year-old. Because they were! And I'm still proud of them, but I'm very excited about what I've been able to do with Shadow Island and I believe that teens and adults alike will enjoy the story and keep wondering what's going to happen next.

From a thought that was conceived in school to a very well-written novel, Shadow Island is the best writing that I've done yet.